World Water Day | APE Members’ events

Since the United Nations General Assembly designated the 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day, the day has been celebrated every year to raise awareness about water-related issues.

This year’s theme is « Better Water, Better Jobs », thus putting the water sector and the many jobs it provides at the centre stage. Indeed, water supply, wastewater treatment and the protection of water resources offer multifaceted employment opportunities that contribute to the public interest and the wellbeing of the environment and of society as a whole.

The people working for the public water services provide clean and secure drinking water, take care of the environment by treating waste water and producing renewable energy, contribute to research and development activities that improve the service, and cooperate with farmers and other local stakeholders to protect the water catchment areas. Thus, every day, employees of public water services do much more than just a job.

Celebrate the World Water Day with our members!

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Visites guidées des infrastructures de production d’eau potable, Néblon-le-Moulin (Belgique)

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Visites guidées de la Tour d’équilibre de Mazy, le réservoir d’Ixelles et du bassin d’orage du Hunderenveld, Bruxelles/Mazy (Belgique)

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Acqua buona o cattiva ? L’oggi et le sfide future, Politecnico di Milano ; Acqua e lavoro : diritti per tutti e qualità della risorsa,
Camera del Lavoro, Milano (Italia)

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L’acqua si racconta, l’acqua si balla, l’acqua si ascolta, Verona (Italia)

Acqua migliore, lavoro migliore, Chions (Italia)

Festa per la giornata mondiale dell’acqua, Baone (Italia)

Po, Mississippi e Tago: Dialogo Tra Fiumi, Torino (Italia)

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Acqua: una risorsa a portata di rubinetto, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Milano (Italia)

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Diferentes actividades para escuelas y el público general, Diputación de Badajoz (España)

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Water and Sustainability: A Hydro Nation Approach,
University of Dundee (Scotland)

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L’eau, bien public,
Pavillon de l’Eau, Paris (France)

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