Working Groups

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Management effectiveness and high service quality are key priorities for the members of Aqua Publica Europea.

The Association supports members’ commitment to excellence by providing a platform to facilitate knowledge-sharing and mutual learning processes. This platform relies on the action of APE Working Groups, which are open to all members of the Association. The Working Groups are organised thematically around specific industrial or strategic issues. There are currently five Working Groups:

1. Water pricing: the Group aims to review various water-pricing approaches across countries in order to identify effective solutions that combine the cost-recovery principle with the need to ensure access to water for all.

2. Performance: this Group’s objective is to share best practices in water management and services to users, as well as to identify common methodologies to assess public operators’ performance.

3. Communication: members of this Working Group exchange experience and information on communication strategies with the aim of promoting tap water and raising the profile of the public water sector.

4. Research & Innovation: the Group was created to identify common technological needs and challenges that may also be tackled within the framework of research partnerships. In this framework, the WG also encourages members to get involved in research and innovation projects funded through national and international R&I programmes.

5. International cooperation: this Group promotes enhanced access to water and sanitation in less developed countries, also through direct co-operation and partnerships among water operators.