WG3 : Communication and promotion of tap water

Leader:Thierry Truchet, Services Industriels de Genève
Co Leader: Marie-Eve Deltenre, VIVAQUA
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General objectives

1. Sharing experiences/best practices.
Gather all ideas and materials that may be useful to members of this Group and other Working Groups.

2. Contribute to the institutional communication of APE

  • Members of the Group to make their support of APE known;
  • Highlight members’ activities through APE’s website
  • Create a common action under the name of APE, in order to improve the profile of the association and to defend public services.

Past activities

  • Carafe: Mulhouse and Strasbourg shared responsibility for commissioning the carafe design, presented by La Bisontine.
  • Flask: Vivaqua, Eau de Paris, Strasbourg and SIG shared responsibility for commissioning the flask design, based on the model created by SIG and design agency S+V.
  • Promotional items: sharing contacts and quotations for the manufacture of marketing materials.
  • Creation of a common argument on tap water and public services
  • Validation of common questions for satisfaction surveys and benchmarking of results.
  • Creation of common press release for 22 March 2014