WG 2:Performance in public management: indicators and benchmarking

Leader: Nadia Peiffer-Puh, SDEA
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General objectives

The Working Group aims at promoting the public sector’s commitment to efficiency and quality-management.

The Group’s activity revolves around the exchange of best practices and definition of standards in relation to performance in the management and customer services.

Past activities:

  • Collecting information about quality-management approaches among members;
  • Publishing a leaflet presenting members’ engagement with performance and quality;
  • Implementation of cross-audits between operators: SDEA/Haganis/Besançon (FR), SYDEC/Grenoble (FR), SDEA(FR)/IECBW (BE);
  • Definition of quality standards for customer services in the water sector.

Programmed actions:

  • Defining a common benchmark framework for public water operators (security, drinking water, waste water, finance and accountability, customer service, human resources);
  • New rounds of cross-audits.