Our Values

Water is the source of life and must be managed in a responsible manner. Water is also a common good; revenues generated from water services should consequently be allocated and invested for the benefit of all society.

The members of Aqua Publica Europea are persuaded that public management is the most appropriate approach to reconcile the imperative of universal access to water with social development and environmental needs. To tackle this fundamental challenge, the members of APE are committed to a constant improvement of their performance and of the quality of the services they provide.

Our engagement for efficiency and accountability is, therefore, underpinned by a common vision on the governance of water resources. This is articulated in the Association’s Founding Charter, which is based on four main principles:

1# Access to water is a fundamental right

Water is the source of life. Access to water to satisfy both essential and social development needs is a fundamental, inalienable, universal right.
The protection of water resources and the organisation of water services must be ensured and controlled by public authorities under the responsibility of elected representatives, in the general interest.

2# Water is a common good

The sustainable management of water resources requires a sound asset policy that ensures the long-term protection of both water resources and the infrastructure to access them.
Since water is a common good, revenues generated from water services should be allocated and invested for the benefit of all society.
Financial sustainability requirements related to the protection of water resources should therefore be aligned with solidarity imperatives, through appropriate redistributive mechanisms.

3# Striving for excellence

Water Resources need to be managed in a sustainable and responsible manner. The members of APE are committed to constant improvement in their performance to ensure both current and future generations have full access to high-quality water services.

4# A Global perspective

Members of Aqua Publica Europea support the efforts of the international community to ensure full access to water and sanitation services for all human beings.
We promote Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) as an effective and non-profit approach to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in less developed countries.

All public water operators wishing to join APE must sign the Founding Charter that was adopted in 2008 in Paris by the founding members of APE:

  • Association des Eaux de Bruxelles - Aquabru (BE)
  • Société Anonyme de Gestion des Eaux de Paris - SAGEP (FR)
  • Les Services Industriels de Genève (CH)
  • Syndicat des eaux et de l’assainissement du Bas-Rhin -S.D.E.A. (FR)
  • Amiacque Srl (IT)
  • CAP Holding spa (IT)