How we work

  • The Strategic Committee plays a connecting role between the Management Board and the whole membership. It advises the Management Board on thematic priorities and governance issues.

  • The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the strategy of the Association, which involves supporting the development of institutional relationships, co-ordinating all internal activities, and promoting and carrying out political initiatives. The Secretariat is based in Brussels. Read more about the Secretariat

  • Working Groups are open to all members of the Association and are organised thematically around specific industrial or strategic issues. Since the Working Groups are focused on political priorities, their number and thematic focus may vary over time. Currently, there are Working Groups for Water Pricing, Performance, Communication, Research and Innovation, and International Co-operation. Read more about the Working Groups

  • The General Assembly is the main decision-making body of APE, and is open to representatives of APE’s full members. It is convened at least once per year.