Global Networks

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OECD Water Governance Initiative

The OECD Water Governance Initiative is a network of OECD and non-OECD public, private and not-for-profit actors. Members of this initiative gather twice a year in a Policy Forum with the aim of supporting better governance in the water sector through experience-sharing, analytical work and peer-to-peer dialogue.

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UN-Habitat Global Water Operators Alliance

The Global Water Operator’s Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) is a network of partners committed to helping water operators improve their collective capacity to provide access to water and sanitation services for all.

APE became a member of the steering committee of GWOPA in November 2013.

European Innovation Partnership on Water - EIP Water

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The European Innovation Partnership on Water - EIP Water in short is an initiative within the EU 2020 Innovation Union which aims at facilitating the development of innovative solutions to address major European and global water challenges and supporting the creation of market opportunities for these innovations, both inside and outside of Europe.

APE is part of the EIP Water Steering Group.

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Partnership with the European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) Foundation

The European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) manages one of the most important benchmarking initiatives for water utilities at the international level. More than 120 water operators from all over Europe and beyond participate in the EBC benchmarking exercise, including many APE members.