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Water Framework Directive & Water Remunicipalisation


Journées de l’Eau SDEA

Working Group meetings

On Tuesday 30th of May, APE Working Groups on Tarification, Performance and Communication will meet in Paris.
Please check the members’ section for further information.

APE General Assembly 2017 and "Water Erasmus" kick-off meeting

On the 29th of May, APE members will meet in Paris to take stock of last year’s developments and decide on future activities. The meeting will mark the start of the "Water Erasmus" project, aimed at facilitating staff exchanges between APE members.
For further information, connect to the members’ area.

Remunicipalización y bases para la gestión del ciclo urbano del agua

The city of Barcelona has recently taken steps to place itself in favour of public water management, thereby reinforcing a trend that has been steadily growing both in Europe and in Catalonia; that of water remunicipilisation.
This trend has brought with it a new set of challenges and questions to be addressed. What tools are needed to facilitate remunicipilation processes in interested cities? What does the consideration of water as a human right mean and what are technical and legal (...)

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