Our Mission

Facilitating best practices exchange

and technological cooperation among members, with the aim of enhancing industrial performance

Bringing the voice

of public water operators into EU policy-making, and promoting their interests and perspective through effective advocacy action

Fostering transparency

and accountability in the water sector, in dialogue with civil society

Latest News

How to Ensure Water Affordability: Approaches And Challenges

On the 10th of October Aqua Publica Europea and Utilitialia, the national federation of Italian utilities, organised a seminar on Water Affordability during the Festival dell Acqua in Bari (...)

Two new members join APE

The APE Management Board, meeting in Bari (Italy) on the 9th of October, has welcomed two new members: Aguas de Cádiz, the public water operator of the city of Cádiz in southern Spain, and Hamburg (...)

APE calls for "at source" prevention of microplastics pollution

In June 2017 the European Commission launched a public consultation to collect the views of stakeholders and citizens with regard to the policy options to reduce microplastics entering the marine (...)